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Started during unprecedented times of Covid, 'Counter Balance' captures and represents emotions of solitude, resilience, connection and balance. An artistic endeavour to document and commemorate a challenging chapter in our lives. Through still-life compositions, I seek to explore human interdependence, the process of healing, and self-reflection.

POLLINATION | Breakfast At Matunga

Finding a home in the quaint Matunga, Tamil Brahmins have been residing here for several decades bringing in their enchanting South Indian essence. Women with braided hair adorned with flowers, bare-bodied men walking down the street, Bhajans, clinking kartals. Where mid 90’s music on gramophone records filled the evening air at King’s Circle and people would congregate to listen to it play.

Following the breeze from the past to what we know of this place today. A bustling market, where every tongue now knows how to converse in Tamil or Gujarati, never to forget their roots while duplicating the ecosystem in their new home.

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