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India In Fashion

"India In Fashion : The Impact of Indian Dress and Textiles on the Fashionable Imagination” at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai. Curated by Hamish Bowles and designed by Patrick Kinmonth with Rooshad Shroff.


As an Exhibition Manager, I hired, trained and lead a team of 60 people including fashion students to oversee the exhibition space and do educative walkthroughs for students and guests. Closely worked and liaised with different stakeholders - curatorial team, marketing team, media and operations team. I continued to be the voice of the exhibition, supervised day to day operations and conducted walkthrough for honoured individuals Zendaya, Tom Holland and Luxury Law, US Ambassador Eric Garcetti, Dame Zandra Rhodes, Mr. Jenke Ahmed Tailly, Dr. Madhuvanti Ghose, to name a few.

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